Buying a New Laptop for Writing

I have a beautiful and expensive Alienware 18.  I use it for gaming, and for a while, it was my main machine.  Once my muscle's started acting up, I could no longer lift it, so we bought me a little netbook in the fall of 2015. 

It ran Windows 10, had a great track pad, and had some room for Office and a couple of oither lightweight programs.  I loved it.  It weighs maybe 2 pounds, and I can palm it with ease.  I still write on a body pillow for support of my hands and arms, but this tiny machine has cut down on my fatigue in huge ways.  I can’t say enough good things about it.

Once I loaded Scrivener, I started to see some limitations.  It has some quirks.  Plus, it’s just missing whole features.  Irritated, I just refused to do anything about it.  I would use what I had and make the best of it.  I tried to convince myself I didn’t need specific hardware to write.  I can string words together no matter where I am, no matter what medium I am using, and no matter how I feel.  I tend to just get on with the business at hand.  It’s something I have actively trained my brain to do.

This month I have on my calendar to start revising my Category book I wrote for NaNo 2015.  I started looking at Youtube video’s to learn the best tips and tricks for revisions.  I don’t have a ton of experience with edits.  I needed help, and this will be the first time I am using Scrivener instead of Word to do the job.

I saw something about a revision mode.  It looked great.  I like to keep track of drafts and changes, and sometimes on the first pass I will change something that was really better the first time around.  Excited, I went into my NaNo Project and started hunting around for revision’s.  I couldn’t find it and starting googling.  It’s only available in Scrivener 2 for Mac.  (*&#@

Yup, after saying a string of curse words, I sat and gave this some thought.  I knew almost every writer I know is using something Apple.  Sigh.  Maybe this is part of why.  I haven’t ever bit off on the Apple ecosystem.  I owned a pink IPod back before phones became fully featured, but that’s as far a toe as I had dipped in.

I am old enough, they were still using Window’s computers in my schools.  I haven’t ever in my life touched an ipad, iphone or macbook of any kind.  In fact, if asked, I will say Apple is the devil and should be eaten post haste.

Sitting staring at the ceiling, I tried to tell myself I could find other ways to get around the short comings of Scrivener in Windows.  I could color the text myself and use strikethrough.  Then I thought about using that for 60,000 words, and I cringed.  Laborious didn’t even cover it.  Since my energy level can dip when I have a decline, this wouldn’t work for long.  I would waste more time than I would gain.  Unacceptable.

Mad at the world, I did the unthinkable.  I opened firefox, went to Best Buy, and started looking at Apple laptops.  I didn’t even know what brand names they had.  After some googling, I settled on needing a Macbook air.  Now, I just needed to do it.  We managed to get me out of the house and into Best Buy in about an hour.  I went straight to the Apple section, and began to have sticker shock from the prices.  Good grief.  Apple sure thinks a lot of their products.  They have the price tags to prove it.

Several employees came by to ask if we need help.  One stayed with us a few, and helped me pick out a Macbook Air which would do what I needed.  He suggested I play with it a while and see if it would be something I thought I could actually use.  About ten minutes later, an Apple employee came by and started showing me how to use the touchpad, gestures, explained it would integrate with my Google accounts, and would run Microsoft Office. 

This guy loves all things Apple.  He was wearing his red sweater and a matching Apple watch red band because Valentines was coming up.  He had an iphone, and he teached Apple classes.  He oozed all things Apple, and his enthusiasm was catching.  After about half an hour, my guy became pretty tired of me playing with the touchpad.  He asked if I thought I wanted it, and I did.  He told me I had gone to the Dark Side, and told the guy to go get one.

So, I am typing this one my brand new Macbook Air.  I still don’t know what to do with all the things in the “dock.”  Apparently Twitter and Facebook are on here somewhere, but I can’t find them.  This damn thing has made me feel like an elderly person being taught to use a computer.  I feel dumb.

I’ll keep you posted.  I can return this thing if it all goes wrong, but I think I like it.  Maybe, well probably…

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