Let NaNoWriMo Bust Your Creativity Wide Open!

I am going to NaNoWriMo.  I am so excited!  In a week I will begin a new book consisting of 50,000 words written from November 1 thru the 30th.  Uh huh.  I am even lucky enough to get to write on Turkey day when all that over feasting makes my eyes droopy.

I have never done one.  I am hoping my family doesn't beg me to quit halfway.  1667 words on average for 30 days.  Can I do it?  Heck yeah. 

Besides, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If you've put up road blocks for yourself, you only have yourself to blame.  We all do it.  Self-doubt, family commitments, real jobs, health issues, drama, production schedules, etc. 

I am not able to drive yet with my disability, so I am going to be dependent on my family to get me to the half dozen write-ins I want to take part in.  I don't have to go to events, but I am hoping I will meet people who love telling stories as much as I do.  I want to glob on to their enthusiasm as the going get's tough and motivation becomes a daily struggle. 

One of the key's to success in NaNo remains the metric.  You are measuring your success by writing everyday, going to the website, adding your word count, and seeing your progress.  It's in front of your face.  BOOM! 

Sometimes you are going to be ahead of the word count..  Sometimes you are going to be behind.  Sometimes you will just reach the target.  It's all a win. 

So if you are afraid you can't do it, poo.  What in the world is stopping you from trying something different?  Has your writing been driving you batty?  Come to NaNo and craft a story outside of your normal genre.  Try a flirty romance, a gritty mystery, or a medical thriller.  Whatever will open up you up to a new level of creativity. 

I heard this great advice this week.  Complete face palm.  I don't actually have the right the book in order!  Uh, wow.  Why had I not thought of this myself?  I can't remember if I heard it in one of the sponsored NaNo events, or in the NaNo group I am in, but either way HELLO!

I am pretty comfortable with brain dump first drafts.  I think I am a heavy revisionist.  I need to finish the blasted book, then move pieces where they will get the most bang for their buck on draft 2 thru infinity.  I am not expecting this to be readable when I hit the last keystroke of the story on November 30th.

But you want to know something?  I will have completed a book.  AN ENTIRE BOOK.  That's right.  Story on the page. 

If you've been waffling on whether you have time, support, money, energy, ideas, the technology, right pen, great paper, printer ink, blah, blah blah, I want you to consider stopping your epic litany of justification's for not giving yourself the chance to grow as a writer and as a person.  Listen, we all wake up and there are days when you just can't face the blinking cursor on the screen.  Just think, for a whole month, thousands of people everywhere are going to be connecting over their shared love of creative writing.  That kind of power re-balances the scales and heals a tired artist.

I hope you can find it possible to embrace the universe offering you this writing adventure.  I've added a NaNoWriMo word counter on the page.  Feel free to link up with me over on the NaNo website. 


P.S.  Someone remind me to come back and read this when I am up at 1 am toward the end of November trying to write myself out word count purgatory.